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[Click to watch: Diagnosis Webinar Session 1] How to assess chronic gastritis of background gastric mucosa including IM by NBI

Dr Noriya Uedo

17 July 2020

Upper GI


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NBI Principle and Application

A large polyp in the ascending colon

What is the most likely diagnosis of this polyp?

  • Hyperplastic polyp

  • Sessile serrated lesion

  • Tubulovillous adenoma

  • Superficial submucosal carcinoma with submucosal invasion depth < 1,000 μm

  • Deep submucosal cancer with submucosal invasion depth > 1,000 μm

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Image and content courtesy | Prof Jeong-Sik Byeon

A case suspicious for carcinoma should be resected en bloc with EMR or ESD with enough submucosal layer. Because such a lesion has the potential to invade into submucosal layer. To get the precise histopathologic diagnosis including submucosal invasion or not, polypectomy should not be conducted. Polypectomy can not obtain enough submucosal tissue for pathologic diagnosis.

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